This storage provider stores the root file systems and kernel images on the host accessible storage.

Selecting the provider

  • --storage-provider=directory

Configuration options

  • rootfs-storage-root: root directory of the rootfs storage
  • kernel-storage-root: root directory of the kernel storage

Configuring via command line flags

  • string, path to the rootfs storage root
  • string, path to the kernel storage root

Configuring via profiles

  • --storage-provider-property-string="rootfs-storage-root=..."
  • --storage-provider-property-string="kernel-storage-root=..."


Firecracker SDK used by firebuild links the rootfs file in the jail directory using the os.Symlink function. It is not possible to link to another volume, a mount has to be created instead. As such, this storage provider requires the chroot base and run cache reside on the same volume.